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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gambar Kampus 10th May 2008

Photos taken on 10th May 2008

Present Faculty of Business Management
(used to be our short cut to Mamakteria - from Hostel 1)
Present Faculty of Business Management
(built on the lereng bukit - next to the HEP car park)

Hostel 1 entrance - where the girls deposit their outing cards
(now no more guard posts)
Former block 1C on the left, road leading to the Dewan Makan 1
(dorm ruby, chom, odi, rohani, shima, hain, nani, dll)
Dewan makan Hostel 1
(some of us from 'terrace' eat here too)
Block 1C, selalu ada orang tunggu Kak Long kat bawah tu !!! Intekma 2 - where you were all 'ragged' by sadists seniorsBlue door - next to the toliet, near to the dewan makan
(bilek Adi, Lan, Gerk, Jabbar, Arab, Pak Itam and Me)
We lived in this room for 2 years; macamana tu ???
Dewan Makan Hostel 4A - good food, superb drinks
(where all Block 4A and 4D residents eat)
The walkway under the Dewan Makan 4A Hostel 4A, as seen from Hostel 1Used to be the warung area behind dewan makan 4AFormer High Chaparal - now green, soft and shady
(the stadium - in the background)

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