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Saturday, July 11, 2009

UiTM Today 11th July 2009 (VI)

UiTM Hari Ini - 11hb Julai 2009

Who have stayed here; in Kemunting before ??? You can never forget Kekwa; Terrace Hostel This was where all the stalls for Terrace Hostel located
(especially Jayati Chicken Rice - now in Section 17 S Alam)
What an enchanting Hostel to live in then - Teratai !!! Not many Business students live here in Tanjung The Hockey Field - Syed Omar's favourite losing place Pusat Islam UiTM Our normal walking route to class, thru' Engine Faculty Business Management Faculty Business Management New Students Looking For Answers to Orientation Questions
(the 'yellow band' is inscribed with their respective name)
The Corridor to the Great Hall Senior Management Team of UiTM
(on the wall - next to the stairs after Great Hall)
Level 1 Office - where we used to collect TMO or 'registered' Fizzy Machines - at the foyer of Lecture Theatre I & II Lecture Theatre I - maintains it's identity till now Our Lecture Theatre II, is now Dewan Seminar The Stairs that you always dream about over and over again! The Post Office - now open counter concept Who can ever forget this ??? Medan and Multi Storey !!!

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