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Saturday, July 11, 2009

UiTM Today 11th July 2009 (II)

UiTM Hari Ini - 11hb Julai 2009

Kolej Perindu 4 (used to be our Hostel 4D) The road in between Hostel 1 and Hostel 2
Kolej Perindu 4 Used to be Hostel 2 - orientation week main place Hostel 2 (INTEKMA 2) Hostel 1 C, 'Orang Tue' used to always 'wait' here! Hostel 1C - on the left, dewan makan Hostel 1 - on the right Most who lived here are now great and famous peoplePresent Faculty of Business Management Built on the slopes of the hills (near HEP Building) Built across and along the sides of the hill Faculty have produced many many great leaders Business faculty is housed together with Law Faculty The entrance to Faculty of Business Management's area Bangunan HEP - still there and still in use Menara Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah
(we used to call it Multi Storey)
Where Mamakteria used to be (behind the fence) A row of Mamakteria stalls were here - behind the fence The Main Library - from behind Bangunan HEP - from the back

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