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Saturday, July 11, 2009

UiTM Today 11th July 2009 (V)

UiTM Hari Ini - 11th July 2009
Medan - overlooking the 'Wawasan Wall' Level 1 - area where we used to Solat Jumaat The way back to Hostel, through Art & Design
Level 1 - entrance to Fakulti Sains Guna-Guna
Floor tiled, Chrome and Glass Panel Stairs - Canggih!
The toilet behind the lift at Level 6
Level 6 lift doors, all done up nicely
The windows by the lifts (level 6)
Level 6 corridor
Room 626
Room 626 Door
Level 6
Room 626
Level 6 - as you exit the lift (right side)
Level 6 - as you exit the lift (left side)
The lift doors on Level 1
The stairs - going up to level 4, from level 3
Level 1 - the whole area is cleaned and maintained nicely
The Sports Shop by the Medan at Level 1
The faithful Post office is still there

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