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Saturday, July 11, 2009

UiTM Today 11th July 2009 (IV)

UiTM Hari Ini - 11th July 2009

Multi Storey - as how it looks now (sama kut!) Medan - still the same; only looks smaller Medan - looking towards the Main Library
(we used to listen to FM Stereo - Pilihan Khas - at 9:00 pm)

Level 1 area is now all tiled up (tangga tu sama je)
Medan have been maintained very well

Dr Mala among the pictures of Senior Management and Deans
(on the wall going up the stairs from Great Hall)

The stairs leading to Medan coming from Great Hall
The Great Hall entrance looks elegance and attractive now
Looking at Multi Storey from the bottom of the Lecture Theatre
Hot Cat Faculty - still on the hill
The main bus station - in front of Hostel 3
(behind the bus stop are ATM machines)

This was Sandra's and Datin Zai's dorm (Hostel 1D)
Hostel 1, as seen from the road - from Hostel 4
Hostel 1 - have always been out of bound to boys
Hostel 4B - still repainted blue
Hostel 4A - corridor, looking from my former room
I went to visit my old room
(now sleeps 8, but single decker's)

I went to visit my old room
(computers and laptops everywhere - smaller lockers)

I went to visit my old room
(the long wooden bench by the windows have been dismantled)

The bathroom and toilet is all tiled and mosaic ed nicely

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