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Saturday, July 11, 2009

UiTM Today 11th July 2009 (III)

UiTM Hari Ini - 11hb Julai 2009

Hostel 4A, Ground level have been nicely tiled The all familiar stairs up to Dewan Makan
Vending machines along the corridors of Hostel 4D Hostel 4A, taken from Dewan Makan Bilek "Sekeping Blues" before moving to Hostel 4A Sepak Takraw Courts at Hostel 4D The pathway connecting Hostel 4D and 4A Hostel 4D TV area - is now all cosy with Coke machines You can even suggest 'anything' now!
(kami nak 'daging spring', 'mee itik', 'roti')
Hostel 4A, as seen from the Dewan Makan windows Hostel 4A Dewan Makan
(tables are away - students are on holiday)
Used it as a 'dewan serbaguna' for minggu orientasi Hostel 4A walkway (to the DewanMakan) Hostel 4A entrance (even have a stage on the left) Hostel 4B entrance - students now cannot bring cars to campus If you got place in hostel, cannot bring car Hostel 2 - where the seniors once 'tortured' you High Chapparal is now flush with greens
(a new project is underway - on the left side)
Car park behind Dewan Makan Hostel 4
(where the warong was - Master's warong)
Hostel 4A - from the road at Hostel 1 entrance

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